Stop Wasting Money on Blog Courses

If you know me or have gotten some sense of my personality, then you know I’m not really the one to beat around the bush.

You’re here because you want to know what it is I have to say about the hundreds maybe even thousands of overpriced blogging courses that render themselves useless.


Maybe you share my exact sentiments because you like myself have purchased a blogging course because maybe you were new to the blogging world, or maybe wanted to know how to increase your traffic to be left in utter disappointment. I don’t even cuss and I have gone through courses and was like “What the &$!# was that? I can’t believe I just spent $997 on that $*^@.” Then have to go pray and repent for cursing.


Maybe you’re new to the blogging world and want to hear what I have to say before you purchase that blogging course you’ve been thinking about.

I haven’t even been in the blogging game that long and I see that bloggers are literally getting away with murdering your bank account because you genuinely think they are going to help.

I see this one of two ways:

ONE: Either the blogger whose course you are purchasing really thinks they are helping their audience by providing recycled blogging advice at a ridiculous price.

TWO: They really don’t care what you learn as long as you pay.

Unfortunately, if you are providing a useless product the results are the same either way you look at it.

My Experience

I have purchased over $1,000 in USELESS blogging courses, from how to launch a successful blog to how to increase traffic in 30 days and not one has really helped me in my blogging journey.

Here’s the problem

There are a million different niches you can operate in as a blogger. And all of these courses are thrown out there like it’s one size fits all.

Blogging IS NOT a one size fits all type of thing. I can’t have a personal finance blog and expect it to work and run the same as having a bullet journal blog. They are worlds apart.

What I think is wrong is that everyone is trying to generalize the foundations of blogging to the point it doesn’t matter what niche you fall in. But it does.

A general foundation for all niches is something like this:
1.Decide on a topic
2.Choose a blogging platform
3.Pick a domain
4.Find a web host
5.Install WordPress
6.Start blogging

That’s the general foundation for all blogs right there in a nutshell. Anything else isn’t as easy to generalize through a 10 page PDF.

As A New Blogger, We Need Support Not Just an Overpriced course

I’m a newbie in this blogging world been going 4 months so the need and desire for wanting someone to just grab me by the hand and show me the ropes is still fresh.

The blogging world is huge, and as a new blogger, you may be naive to the fact that there are some that are just trying to rake in the dough and others that truly want to be of help and see you grow.

It happens something like this….

You see all these nice websites and have your “oh and ah” moments because you are just dying to have a website that looks just half as great as theirs one day. You are just a scrolling and there it is a blogging course, “How to launch a successful blog”.

In your mind, you are thinking “Yes I need that because  I have no idea what I’m doing and they have a nice site so they must know what they are talking about.” Next minute you’re entering your credit card information.

You do it because you have a need, I know because I did it because I had a need. But I brought that product because I felt that was what I needed and to my surprise, it wasn’t. I felt I was right back at where I started but a little bit more broke.

I NEEDED guidance…

Finding a blogging mentor or someone who is honest is very important for someone just starting out in the blogosphere because most likely you won’t get it at home.

The truth is if you’re not apart of the blogging world you just don’t understand it, so it’s hard to be 100% supportive. Because it looks like you just on the computer all day making no money, well at least in the beginning.

But experienced bloggers know you are in need of guidance and SOME will exploit that need for profit and simply use that want and need you have to just make money and to not really be of help. So they throw together a PDF packet or some lessons and sell it for something outrageous.

Not caring or realizing….

You don’t want just what works for them but you want to know how a blogger can take their success and what worked for them and help apply it to your blog so it can work for you too. And that’s the huge piece that’s missing.

Is that to say that ALL bloggers who are selling a course are like this? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!

And It’s great that other bloggers want to help but help in a way that’s mutually beneficial. Actually the more it is beneficial to the blogger’s audience the better.

If you are new to blogging and truly want GUIDANCE there should only be one product you will EVER have to purchase.  And that product should be the ULTIMATE, creme de la creme of blogging products.

It should offer at least the following:

  • SEO
  • WordPress
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Creation
  • Pinterest
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • Community (That is helpful, supportive, and has a mentor that communicates throughout the day and doesn’t just ignore the community)
  • One on One communication with Mentor
  • Challenges that help grow your blog
  • Paths that give you a guided tour of how to accomplish a specific task in your blogging journey.

You may be thinking I wish! Actually, nope you no longer have to wish there is a product that covers at least what I just listed and that’s the minimum.

And NO it’s not thousands of dollars actually it’s not even a $997 actually its nowhere near.

So without further or do let me introduce you to the….

Billionaire Blog Club

The only club for bloggers like you!

I have already mentioned some of the perks that are included….  so let me introduce you to my blog mentor Paul Scrivens aka Scrivs.

Actually, if you are apart of some of the FB blogger groups you may have seen some of his straight to the point posts about bloggers bull$@!^.

I know you may be wondering what makes this guy so awesome and how does he know so much about blogs.

Patience my friend, patience. I’m going to tell you exactly why Scrivs is total awesomesauce and how he knows so much about blogs.

First, let me say Scrivs is one of the most down to earth, genuine, humble and straightforward individuals I know. Not only is he a person with GREAT character but the people he attracts are people with awesome character also. So you will be surrounded by pure good folk that share the same passion as you.

Second, he has been blogging since early 2000’s, so he’s a real OG in the blog game.

Third, he runs over 10 blogs. Yes! I said over 10. Crazy right? That’s how he knows so much about blogging.

He makes it a point to experiment with different niches so he can know what he’s talking about and better help you be successful.

Here are some of his blogs (divided by niche):

How to Make Money:

Personal Finance:

Health and Fitness:

Beauty and Fashion:


And this isn’t even all of them. So as you can see his knowledge and wisdom alone is INVALUABLE there is really no price tag for it and some would happily throw thousands at him if they could sit and just pick his brain.

So that’s a quick intro to Scrivs.

So what are you waiting for the billionaire blog club is the answer to your prayers. Well at least for me it was.

So maybe you are still hesitant huh? I totally understand so let me take you to church real quick and share my testimony.

BBC has been absolutely EVERYTHING to me while I continue this blogging journey.

I started this whole journey on a whim and a passion for teaching people financial literacy. Who knew blogging entailed so much and that you literally need support? I didn’t! BBC has been that support! Actually, BBC has been beyond support it has been a friend.

You know how sometimes you can be stuck or worried and you just need to reach out to that one friend who shares your situation, well that’s BBC for me when it comes to blogging.

BBC has been a true inspiration and motivation for me.

The community is beyond awesome and will be the only blogging community hands down you will ever need! When I felt like quitting BBC was there to encourage and say don’t give up. When my page views were down here come BBC to the rescue increasing page views over 450% in one month.

Not only is BBC AMAZING but the people who make BBC what it is are amazing! Not only is Scrivs helping me change my life but he’s helping me change others and I will forever be grateful!

And there it is spoken from the heart.

If you have questions about BBC don’t hesitate to ask I’m here to help you first and foremost.

But it gets NO more real than Billionaire Blog Club

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