Passion to Profit: How To Make $1,000s Doing What You Love

Imagine we have known each other forever and you come to me to vent.

You are just absolutely fed up with working so hard, to barely meet ends meet. You can’t live the life you want because you can’t afford to and the crazy thing is that the life you want to live isn’t even one of luxury.

You just want to be able to go on trips every now and then without scraping to go or maxing out a credit card.

Or maybe it’s just simply no financial worries at all.

I’m going to talk to you as you were sitting right next to me at this very moment.

Here we go.

Growing up you often hear “follow your dreams!”

But how often does that dream get shot down by a response such as “What! You won’t make any money doing that.”

Usually followed with “Why don’t you be a doctor or lawyer making good money?”

Well I’m here to tell you all money ain’t good money.

Not in an illegal sense but in the terms of selling your dreams for higher pay grade.

I did! But it didn’t take me long to snap out of it.

With the advancement of technology over the past decades anything is possible.

Small business no longer just consist of hardware stores, family-owned diners, and small mom and pop shops.

But it can be as simple as giving your 10 year old a camera and allowing them to record themselves playing with their dolls and uploading the videos to Youtube.


I may have to put my kids to work while I’m thinking about it.

Making money has never been so simple.

When you start thinking about turning your passion into a profit think about the following:

It Takes More than Just Your Passion

Wouldn’t it be just so simple if we could earn money strictly by our passion alone?

In the voice of Lauren Hill “If it could only be so simple.”

Truth is that passion is a great place to start when it comes to thinking about business ideas that stem from it. But don’t let that excitement blind you from the reality that actually goes into turning that passion into income.

Are you willing to put in the necessary work required to make an income doing what you love?

That means working when you don’t want to work, so having a full-time job, kids, and a husband is no excuse.

It means working rather you have the support you want or not.

It means stepping outside of your comfort zone to do things you may have never thought of.

And even sometimes it means having to motivate yourself. Finding anything within you to keep the fire burning.

Even more than putting in hard work you want to make sure that your passion is something you are actually good at.

So you may very well have a passion for painting, but if it looks like a preschool art project it won’t work.

So make sure you are skilled in what it is that you love doing.

If you have gotten compliments and maybe even offered compensation for your work then those are good indications that you can turn your passion into income.

How can you make someone or something better?

I believe that God has gifted each and everyone with a talent or a gift.

But the question is how will you be the best possible steward with the gifts/talents that he has blessed you with?

I believe with every fiber of my being that when you do things out of love for people and with a caring heart the return is greater than just an income.

And that’s what will set you apart from others.

Let’s say your passion is being an artist or being creative. What is missing in the marketplace that you can fill? For example, I have a close friend that has a degree in art and she uses her gifts to create personalized cards.

You may be wondering what makes her cards unique?

She creates each one of her cards by hand with her client in mind and there are no two cards alike.

 Brittany Williams of Her Pot of Oil  

These are a few cards I purchased for Christmas last year. They were absolutely fabulous and everyone I gave one to was like “where did you get these from?”


 Brittany Williams of Her Pot of Oil  

These two are most definitely my faves because she made them specifically for her mom and her mother-in-law. And if you were to see both of them you would know why these cards are nothing short than amazing because they capture the essence of two very important women in her life. PRICELESS.

It has a way of making the receiver feel special. You didn’t just go to the store and buy a card but you actually thought about having a card tailored specifically for them. It’s really PRICELESS.

When I started this blog, of course, I knew there were hundreds of other personal finance bloggers. I knew some of them were great and what made them great. But I also know what they don’t offer and I also know their not ME. I built my blog — and here we are!

Monetize your Passion in Different Ways

Grab a piece of paper and think of all the ways you can possibly make money from your passion. This can include:

  • Creating a product and selling it online or an actual physical location.
  • Sharing your knowledge about your passion by blogging, writing books or filming videos.
  • Offering advice as a consultant in anything from personal finance to home decor.
  • Establishing an organization or an event around your passion.

Stepping outside of your comfort zone.

A lot of you may want to turn your passion into income because you think it will allow you to remain comfortable.

Well sorry to be the bearer of bad news. You will have to get uncomfortable if you truly want to make money.

That means your fear of public speaking will have to at least become manageable. How can you teach or help someone if you are too scared to get in front of those who need you or can’t properly articulate a thought or process?

I actually knew my fear was public speaking so I intentionally had my friend set up a personal finance workshop at a local library so I had no choice but to go and speak in front of people. It not only helped get me outside my comfort zone but it also helped me tackle my weaknesses.

You truly become your best when you step outside of your norm. 

Now that I have brought a few major points to mind lets look at some actual possible opportunities to turn your passion into income


Blogging offers a variety of advantages for those who are passionate about a specific topic. For example, I’m passionate about personal finance so I built a blog around it.

Starting a blog is flexible, plus you don’t need much to do it.

But it’s NOT a quick dollar. It takes time to build and a lot of work in order to be successful.

One thing for sure is that blogging can open doors to other business avenues, such as consulting, writing a book etc.

If you are interested in blogging try this 12-day Blogging Bootcamp  or better yet signup to become a member of the Billionaire Bloggers Club.

This club is ran by the blog king himself Paul Scrivens, If you would like to know more about the BBC check out this post Stop Wasting Money on Blog Courses.

Providing Services

This is one of the best ways to go, as long as you can provide something people are willing to pay for.

I also provide personal financial consulting services. I typically charge about $75 per session to help people better manage their finances. We can discuss anything from a savings plan to repairing your credit. With already having a degree in accounting and a passion for personal finance I can find pleasure in doing something that most typical people may find “dry.”

So ask yourself are there any tasks that you really enjoy doing that others find boring or mundane, like maybe mowing or fixing something? You probably have an opportunity there to provide a service that will put cash in your pocket. With some basic equipment and some reliability, you can easily transform a task you enjoy doing into some cash just by asking around and seeing what’s available.

Selling Things

It can be fruits and veggies from your garden, cards you made, a cake you baked or even a chair you painted. If you can supply a quality product and make the price reasonable, you can often sell quite a bit of it.

And the great thing is you can sell almost anywhere. Online, farmers Market, bake sales, stores and the list goes on.

It’s really all up to YOU!

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