One-on-One Financial Coaching

Financial success is not just about goals, it’s about creating healthy processes and practices. And as you may know, that will not happen overnight. For that reason, I offer in depth financial coaching options.

One-on-One Financial Coaching – 3 Months

The 3-month coaching option consists of 6 sessions (Two per month):

Session 1: Intake & orientation (30-45 minutes) which includes:

Explore of your short and long term financial goals
Create a customized achievable process plan to accomplish them.

Session 2: Spending Habits & Budget Creation  (60 minutes)

Identify and discuss your strengths and weaknesses in regards to money management.
Develop realistic strategies to combat the above findings.
Work together to create a budget that works for you and your family.
Create your debt repayment plan and strategy if applicable.

Session 4: Review of Spending Habits and Discovering Your Money Values

Review results of spending habits assessment
A close review of your relationship with money and how it impacts your family and your day to day decisions and overall financial picture

Session 5: Credit Repair/ Rebuilding

A detailed analysis of your current credit situation and goals
Steps and tools (includes letter templates and schedule) to dispute negative information on your credit report
A written credit rebuilding plan for establishing positive credit with the goal of getting credit back on track

Session 6: Closing Session (60 minutes) includes:

Review of goals that were established during the initial session
Discussion of your progress & 
Budget Review
Adjustment of goals if necessary
Creation of a plan for maintaining momentum to achieve your long term goals

Payment plans available. Please e-mail to arrange one.

Price: $400

If you are still unsure consider a free consultation first click here.

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